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The APL Cycling Club rides on roads after work on Wednesday (weather permitting) during Daylight Savings Time. Start times and durations are adjusted based on sunset times. (March=5PM, April=5:15, May to August=5:30, September=5PM, October 4:45). We meet at the south west corner of the parking lot on the main campus near the corner of Sanner Rd and Johns Hopkins Rd ( There are 5 different pace groups: A (17+ mph average), BB(15-17), B(13-15), C(<13), Team Casual (casual pace). Groups B, C, and Team Casual have a no drop policy.

Announcements are emailed to the google group ( Join the Google group by sending an email to

Notices about club meetings are also sent to the Google group.

The FY2020 Club officers are:

  • President: Mary Snyder

  • Vice President:

  • Treasurer: Stephen Ashurst (Mail Stop 9-138)

  • Secretary: Nat Beagley

  • Road Captains: Keith Jones

Club dues

Club dues are $15, which covers the calendar year + 3 months grace period. New members receive an APL water bottle (first year only). Member benefits also include access to some loaner equipment, such as a bike travel case, bike trailer, and other items.

Feel free to come to the meetings, try the rides, or contact any of the officers (via APL email) if you have any questions. If you would like to join, please make your $15 check to “APL Cycling Club” and mail it to the Treasurer via interoffice mail. Or use this paypal link below.

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  • We are now offering a way to join Bike Maryland for a $10 discount when you join the APL Cycling Club. Bike Maryland Membership is normally $30/year, you can join now for only $20.

  • We will pass on your name, email, and address. If you have alternative email or addresses you'd like us to pass on to Bike Maryland, please specify in the special instructions section of the paypal form after pressing "add to cart".

  • The passing of any information will be manual to ensure only the requested information is sent on to Bike Maryland.