Club Rides

Ride Groups

We will gather according to speed & distance preferences allowed by daylight and weather. Group routes are often mapped, but can change so check with group leaders at the start.

Groups vary but a general guideline is:

  • A-Group: 18+ mph over 25+ miles

  • B-Group: 14+ mph over 22+ miles

  • C-Group: 12+ mph over 17+ miles (no dropped riders)

  • Team Casual: 9+ mph over 12+ miles (no dropped riders)

Meeting Times / Location

Start times and durations are adjusted based on sunset times (March=5PM, April=5:15, May to August=5:30, September=5PM, October 4:45). We meet at the south west corner of the parking lot on the main campus near the corner of Sanner Rd and Johns Hopkins Rd (


As always, be prepared for the group ride with your bike in good condition and with the following:

  • A well fitting Helmet and comfortable clothing to match the weather

  • Water or Sports drink in bottles or back-pack for hydration

  • !!! Lights !!! with charged or fresh batteries

  • A tire repair kit {spare tube, pump or CO2 inflate tool, tire levers, etc.}

  • A Mobile Phone with charged battery

Rider Sign-In

Please remember to record your name, Mobile phone #, and ride group on the check-in sheet before heading out. Check-in upon your return!

Mechanical breakdowns, flats, injuries and the unexpected can, and do, happen. We want to ensure EVERYONE returns to APL safe & sound. If you've not checked in upon return, expect a call to your mobile phone.

A number of folks often meet for an after ride meal, EVERYONE has a standing invitation.

Memberships at Rides/Events

I'll accept club membership dues as cash at that time and will try to have change for those who aren't yet using Paypal. Payments via Paypal at: