Club Rides

Ride Groups

We will gather according to speed & distance preferences allowed by daylight and weather. Group routes are often mapped, but can change so check with group leaders at the start. New for 2022, we will be utilizing a RIDE with GPS Club Account to post routes. As a club member, you'll be able to use your mobile device with route navigation, or print PDF versions for any routes posted in our Route Library.

Groups vary but a general guideline is:

  • A-Group: 18+ mph over 25+ miles

  • B-Group: 14+ mph over 22+ miles

  • C-Group: 12+ mph over 17+ miles (no dropped riders)

  • Team Casual: 9+ mph over 12+ miles (no dropped riders)

Meeting Times / Location

Start times and durations are adjusted based on sunset times (March=5PM, April=5:15, May to August=5:30, September=5PM, October 4:45). We have been meeting at various off-campus locations. Please verify start location before heading out (posted to the main google group).


As always, be prepared for the group ride with your bike in good condition and with the following:

  • A well fitting Helmet and comfortable clothing to match the weather

  • Water or Sports drink in bottles or back-pack for hydration

  • !!! Lights !!! with charged or fresh batteries

  • A tire repair kit {spare tube, pump or CO2 inflate tool, tire levers, etc.}

  • A Mobile Phone with charged battery

Rider Sign-In

Please remember to record your name, Mobile phone #, and ride group on the check-in sheet before heading out. Check-in upon your return!

Mechanical breakdowns, flats, injuries and the unexpected can, and do, happen. We want to ensure EVERYONE returns to APL safe & sound. If you've not checked in upon return, expect a call to your mobile phone.

A number of folks often meet for an after ride meal, EVERYONE has a standing invitation.

Memberships at Rides/Events

I'll accept club membership dues as cash at that time and will try to have change for those who aren't yet using Paypal. Payments via Paypal at: